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Universal thinks we’re stupid.

At least they did back in 1977. Or maybe they decided that someone who’d want to see a movie about trucks and explosives and mud wouldn’t know how to read. For some reason, this poster always makes me mad.

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“Hey brudda – we’ve been hit!” How an influential American film critic helped banish Sorcerer to a parallel universe.

During late August US director William Friedkin chose to show a restored version of his 1977 masterpiece Sorcerer when he collected the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 2013 Venice Film Festival. While the movie has garnered a dedicated … Continue reading

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The Sorcerer art collection #4.

While Sorcerer was in production, Charles Bludhorn was chairman of Gulf & Western, the parent company of Paramount. G&W, thanks to Bludhorn, had extensive interests in the Dominican Republic. Walon Green: “[Friedkin] put Bludhorn’s picture on the wall in the office in … Continue reading

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