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Friedkin And Sorcerer In Sight And Sound Magazine.

William Friedkin discusses the 40th anniversary of Sorcerer in the December 2017 issue of Sight And Sound. Check your local newsstand.

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Stephen King’s favorite movie.

Stephen King spoke with the BFI and named Sorcerer as his all-time favorite movie. The rest of the list is pretty impressive, too.

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Interview: Roy Scheider, December 1977.

Jim Shoffner interviewed Roy Scheider on location for Jaws 2 (1978). He shared his thoughts on Sorcerer. Roy Scheider: It was exciting as an adventure piece, but the way it was edited didn’t allow the audience to participate in the adventure, … Continue reading

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Sorcerer heads to Music City, and an interview with Bud Smith.

A dual-purpose post. First, the Nashville Public Library’s Legends Of Film podcast offers up an interview with Sorcerer editor (and associate producer) Bud Smith. It’s a must. In addition, Nashville’s main library will screen the film for free on September 13 … Continue reading

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Interview: Roy Scheider, Combustible Celluloid.

Jeffrey M. Anderson: Friedkin liked you enough to hire you again, for Sorcerer, the remake of Wages of Fear. How did that come about? What was that like? Roy Scheider: “This is the updated, extended version of [Wages of Fear], with many of … Continue reading

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Interview: Walon Green on the bridge.

Walon Green (from Backstory 3 by Patrick McGilligan): “It’s funny how when you write a script, you worry about things that you don’t need to worry about. I was worried that when they’d come to the bridge, everybody would say, ‘Why don’t they … Continue reading

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Interview: stuntman Nick Dimitri.

Here’s a piece of an interview with stuntman Nick Dimitri, from an article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, about his work on Sorcerer. During filming, he tore a knee ligament while being thrown from a car crash at 35 mph in … Continue reading

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