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The Sorcerer art collection #3.

Your guess is as good as mine on this one. From the home of the guy Serrano (Bruno Cremer) tries to get papers from.

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Interview: Roy Scheider, Combustible Celluloid.

Jeffrey M. Anderson: Friedkin liked you enough to hire you again, for Sorcerer, the remake of Wages of Fear. How did that come about? What was that like? Roy Scheider: “This is the updated, extended version of [Wages of Fear], with many of … Continue reading

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Poster Gallery: US lobby card #3.

Another lobby card for the American release.  

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Interview: Walon Green on the bridge.

Walon Green (from Backstory 3 by Patrick McGilligan): “It’s funny how when you write a script, you worry about things that you don’t need to worry about. I was worried that when they’d come to the bridge, everybody would say, ‘Why don’t they … Continue reading

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Poster Gallery: US lobby card #6.

From the American lobby card set, the only one featuring Amidou. Will eventually post all eight cards.

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Sorcerer lawsuit update.

The Sorcerer lawsuit update is that William Friedkin will have an update on it soon. Then there’s this one. So isn’t it about time your started following Mr. Friedkin on Twitter? Visit Of course, I’ll put his announcement on … Continue reading

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The Sorcerer art collection #2.

Jackie Scanlon (Roy Scheider) looks longingly at this Coke billboard not long after Sorcerer moves to South America and we’re reintroduced to the main characters. In a great touch, Scheider seems to be as interested in the Coca-Cola as the … Continue reading

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John Box production sketches.

Here are two of John Box’s sketches of the trucks from Sorcerer. Fascinating stuff. (They were a Christmas gift from my best friend.) The eyes on “Lazaro” are quite creepy, and I’m not sorry they were eliminated from the vehicles … Continue reading

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