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The Wages Of Fear Paperback Cover.

When Avon published a paperback edition of Arnaud’s The Wages Of Fear in 1968, this is the terrific cover they gave it. The cover painting was by Roger Kastel.

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What every well-dressed man needs.

OK, maybe it’s not as cool as the one Spielberg’s wearing below, but it’ll do. You can get these on eBay. And no, it’s not me selling them.

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Philippe Druillet’s truck designs.

At some point in pre-production for Sorcerer, William Friedkin had the French comic illustrator Philippe Druillet do some concept sketches for the trucks. What he came up with hardly looks like something you’d see in a film committed to authenticity and … Continue reading

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Sorcerer at Disney World? What a ride that’d be.

Took this picture with my phone (hence the lack of quality) a few years ago at Disney World because it reminded me of the thing that appears behind the title in Sorcerer. On closer inspection, it’s not that close at … Continue reading

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Why weren’t we all wearing one of these in 1977?

I never knew this existed. Maybe it was a studio promo thing, maybe you could get ’em at Sears. Who knows? All I do know is, I would’ve worn it till it fell apart.

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Universal thinks we’re stupid.

At least they did back in 1977. Or maybe they decided that someone who’d want to see a movie about trucks and explosives and mud wouldn’t know how to read. For some reason, this poster always makes me mad.

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The Sorcerer art collection #4.

While Sorcerer was in production, Charles Bludhorn was chairman of Gulf & Western, the parent company of Paramount. G&W, thanks to Bludhorn, had extensive interests in the Dominican Republic. Walon Green: “[Friedkin] put Bludhorn’s picture on the wall in the office in … Continue reading

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The Sorcerer art collection #3.

Your guess is as good as mine on this one. From the home of the guy Serrano (Bruno Cremer) tries to get papers from.

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Poster Gallery: US lobby card #3.

Another lobby card for the American release.  

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The Sorcerer art collection #2.

Jackie Scanlon (Roy Scheider) looks longingly at this Coke billboard not long after Sorcerer moves to South America and we’re reintroduced to the main characters. In a great touch, Scheider seems to be as interested in the Coca-Cola as the … Continue reading

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