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A truck-in-progress.

Finally, a production still from Sorcerer. William Friedkin stops by to see how the trucks are coming along. Thanks to Tom for sending this photo along.

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Philippe Druillet’s truck designs.

At some point in pre-production for Sorcerer, William Friedkin had the French comic illustrator Philippe Druillet do some concept sketches for the trucks. What he came up with hardly looks like something you’d see in a film committed to authenticity and … Continue reading

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The Friedkin Connection: Sorcerer-related excerpt.

Here’s a brief excerpt from The Friedkin Connection (you all have a copy, right?), with William Friedkin covering the film’s title and where it came from — “Our trucks were old M211 army vehicles. I asked John Box to name … Continue reading

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John Box production sketches.

Here are two of John Box’s sketches of the trucks from Sorcerer. Fascinating stuff. (They were a Christmas gift from my best friend.) The eyes on “Lazaro” are quite creepy, and I’m not sorry they were eliminated from the vehicles … Continue reading

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Interview: William Friedkin on the bridge.

William Friedkin: “We had to build a suspension bridge and we were gonna build it in the Dominican Republic over a raging river. And it was a river that in the memory of man had not varied by a foot … Continue reading

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The real stars of Sorcerer.

I’ve always wanted to know what the trucks in Sorcerer were. Well, here’s one of them — a two-and-a-half-ton GMC M211 U.S. military cargo truck from the early 50s. They were used in Korea. This is the truck Roy Scheider … Continue reading

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