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Roy Scheider on Sorcerer’s road gang.

Roy Scheider: “We finally got so deep in the jungle that the crew had to build its own roads. Then we chewed them up with the trucks. Years from now, some geographer will have one heck of a time trying … Continue reading

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Sorcerer at Trailers From Hell.

Screenwriter Josh Olson (A History Of Violence) says many wonderful things about Sorcerer at Trailers From Hell. Josh Olson: “When you’re working at the top of your game… and you end up getting hammered the way this film did — … Continue reading

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A remake before the remake. A pre-make?

Sorcerer was not the first American take on The Wages Of Fear. Though there’s no formal credit for the novel (or the film), the gritty 1958 B-picture Violent Road (with the working title Hell’s Highway) was clearly inspired by it. … Continue reading

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Sorcerer “announcement” in Boxoffice magazine.

This appeared as part of a Universal insert in the March 11, 1974, issue of Boxoffice.

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Interview: Friedkin on the 2002 Australian Re-Release of Sorcerer.

When Sorcerer was first released in Australia, a distributor cut the first 29 minutes. Approached by film historian Jim Sherlock to show the original version, a still-appalled Friedkin was delighted to get involved. William Friedkin: “It’s extremely intense and it … Continue reading

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Poster Gallery: Yugoslav poster.

This poster from Yugoslavia is fascinating. That’s not Roy Scheider (dig the shorts) and those are the wrong guerrilas. And, of course, nothing blows up behind the truck. But the thing that really struck me is that someone found it … Continue reading

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Poster Gallery: Belgian poster.

The title is listed in both French (top) and Dutch (bottom) — both translate to “The Convoy Of Fear” — with the credits in English.

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