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Where do you park a truckload of nitro in Manhattan?

A lot of folks have been waiting to this one. The restored Sorcerer is coming to Film Forum May 30 through June 5. Daily showings for an entire week. Tickets are available now. I attended one of FF’s gimmick film weekends years ago, … Continue reading

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Excellent new William Friedkin interview on Yahoo.

Some good stuff to be found in this one: “Sorcerer — The Film That Star Wars Buried Rises Again.” Thanks to Jakub Krawczynski.

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Taking the Blu-ray for a spin.

As the proud parent of this blog, it’s not gonna come as much of a surprise that Sorcerer is one of my all-time favorite films. It affected me deeply back in 1977 (really kicked my butt, in fact) and has … Continue reading

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Cinefamily’s Sorcerer trailer.

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The Istanbul International Film Festival.

Sorcerer will be screened April 20th as part of the Istanbul International Film Festival.

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Sorcerer (and Friedkin) at The Cinefamily.

Beginning with an opening-night appearance by William Friedkin on April 16, the restored Sorcerer will play a number of nights at The Cinefamily in LA. Click the drawing for details.

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Sorcerer stops at the AFI.

The AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, MD, will run the restored Sorcerer several times beginning April 19. Click on the bridge for details.

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Friedkin introduces Tangerine Dream’s performance of the Sorcerer score.

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