RIP, Edgar Froese.

td-sorcerer sizedEdgar Froese, one of the founding members of Tangerine Dream — and one of the composers of the Sorcerer score — has passed away at 70.

You can read more here.

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Philippe Druillet’s truck designs.


At some point in pre-production for Sorcerer, William Friedkin had the French comic illustrator Philippe Druillet do some concept sketches for the trucks. What he came up with hardly looks like something you’d see in a film committed to authenticity and realism, but it’s cool stuff.

Click on the sketches to find out more about the collaboration.


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Sorcerer at Disney World? What a ride that’d be.


Took this picture with my phone (hence the lack of quality) a few years ago at Disney World because it reminded me of the thing that appears behind the title in Sorcerer.

On closer inspection, it’s not that close at all. But it shows that even in the middle of Adventureland, I’ve got Scanlon and those damn trucks on the brain.

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Something resembling Sorcerer goes to Melbourne.

WAGES-OF-FEAR-SWEET-REVENGESorcerer, or what’s left of it, plays Melbourne in 1979. Snagged this ad from an interesting blog, Technicolor Yawn.

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Sorcerer heads to Music City, and an interview with Bud Smith.


A dual-purpose post. First, the Nashville Public Library’s Legends Of Film podcast offers up an interview with Sorcerer editor (and associate producer) Bud Smith. It’s a must.

In addition, Nashville’s main library will screen the film for free on September 13 at 2PM.

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Happy birthday, William Friedkin.

bfi-00n-essHere’s wishing Mr. Friedkin a happy birthday. You never see production photos from Sorcerer, so I’m going with The French Connection instead.

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Why weren’t we all wearing one of these in 1977?

Sorcerer tshirt

I never knew this existed. Maybe it was a studio promo thing, maybe you could get ’em at Sears. Who knows?

All I do know is, I would’ve worn it till it fell apart.

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