Sorcerer Press Kit.

Here’s the cover of the press kit Universal sent out for Sorcerer back in 1977.

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Wages Of Fear (1978).

We have Edward to thank for this. He found a Finnish VHS tape of the recut Sorcerer (retitled Wages Of Fear), digitized it, cleaned it up, boosted the color and audio a bit and corrected some vertical stretch issues.

Of course, this is NOT the movie William Friedkin wanted us to see, but it’s interesting to see what they did to it — and get a peak at some footage that Friedkin cut as he crafted his masterpiece.

Click on the title image above, and you’ll be taken to, where you can watch or download it. It’s also available on YouTube, but it’s blocked in the US and Canada — and it’s a bit darker.

Thanks a lot, Edward!

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Sorcerer Opening, Germany.

Here’s a few minutes of the beginning of the German cut of Sorcerer, with the title Artemlos Vor Agnst (Wages Of Fear).

You can see how the film begins in South America. The characters’ backstories are handled through flashbacks later in the movie. What a mess.

Thanks to Leif Jonker for pointing these out.

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Trailers From Hell: Sorcerer.

Josh Olson nails the whole Sorcerer thing on Trailers From Hell.

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Czech Titles.

Here’s a peak at the titles of the recut version of Sorcerer, called Wages Of Fear, taken from a Czech print of the film.

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Reissue of the Sorcerer soundtrack coming!

Tangerine Dream’s score for Sorcerer is being reissued on vinyl by Waxworks Records.

“Waxwork Records is thrilled to present the complete Sorcerer soundtrack by Tangerine Dream, re-mastered from the original source audio, and pressed to 180 gram “Rainforest Green and Black” swirled vinyl. Features deluxe packaging, old style gatefold jackets with satin coating, exclusive liner notes by director William Friedkin, and new art by Tony Stella.”

Thanks to Dick Vincent for the news.

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Early, maybe first, draft screenplay.

145023Here’s the cover of a very early draft of the Sorcerer script from 1976.

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41 years ago.


On June 24, 1977, at a few minutes after 7 (allowing for trailers and stuff), this is what I was looking at.

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The Wages Of Fear Paperback Cover.

WOF PB cover

When Avon published a paperback edition of Arnaud’s The Wages Of Fear in 1968, this is the terrific cover they gave it.

WagesOfFear1968cvr.jpgThe cover painting was by Roger Kastel.

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Sorcerer Heads Back To London.

Sorcerer 3 25.jpg

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