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Taking the Blu-ray for a spin.

As the proud parent of this blog, it’s not gonna come as much of a surprise that Sorcerer is one of my all-time favorite films. It affected me deeply back in 1977 (really kicked my butt, in fact) and has … Continue reading

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“Hey brudda – we’ve been hit!” How an influential American film critic helped banish Sorcerer to a parallel universe.

During late August US director William Friedkin chose to show a restored version of his 1977 masterpiece Sorcerer when he collected the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 2013 Venice Film Festival. While the movie has garnered a dedicated … Continue reading

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William Friedkin: “A master of spaces and locales.”

From Peter Tonguette’s review of Friedkin’s The Hunted for The Film Journal — “Friedkin is a master of spaces and locales. His masterpiece, Sorcerer (1977), takes three diverse locations — Israel, Paris, and New Jersey — and converges them into one: a … Continue reading

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Sorcerer in Cinemonkey, 1979.

Cinemonkey was a short-lived film magazine back in the 70s. The Winter 1979 issue featured an article, “Film Maudit: Sorcerer,” by Gloria Heifertz. It’s a very good, very thorough analysis of the film — and a positive one for a … Continue reading

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Andrew Sarris: “A visual and aural textbook on everything that is wrong with current movies.”

Take a quick glance at this review, and you’ll figure out that Andrew Sarris didn’t like Sorcerer. His piece in The Village Voice (July 18, 1977) actually spends more time discussing The Wages Of Fear (1953) and The Exorcist (1973) … Continue reading

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Movietone News’ 1977 review of Sorcerer, and a 2010 reappraisal.

Back in September of 1977, Robert C. Cumbow of Movietone News slammed Sorcerer, ragging on everything from the editing to Friedkin’s camera placement to “the director’s refusal to get close to his characters.” The review’s listing of the cast and … Continue reading

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The Miami News, June 1977.

The review in The Miami News was not favorable. The reviewer, Jon Marlowe, accused Friedkin of “using his camera like a mop — soaking up the grime and filth and sweltering heat of the South American town where our four … Continue reading

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