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Sorcerer transfer news.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Mr. Friedkin. Doesn’t “color timing” sound like a song by the Chocolate Watch Band, circa 1967? “What time is purple?”

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Jakub Krawczyński, who frequents this blog and has passed along a number of the things you’ve seen here, has been hard at work on the Sorcerer entry on Wikipedia. He’s done an outstanding job, and is still working. Be sure … Continue reading

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Screening: Sorcerer at London’s Roxy Bar and Screen.

The Sorcerer screenings continue, which is always a good thing. This time it’s London. It’ll be Friedkin’s cut, not the butchered version the UK suffered through back in 1977. Along with the film, Savage Cinema will run two TV shows directed … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes in New Jersey.

I’m so happy to be sticking this on this blog. Here’s footage — looks like Super 8 — of the New Jersey location work for the Scanlon “prologue.” Lots of camera mounts, Roy Scheider being made up, a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Get to work, Billy!

With all the festivals and screenings and book signings over the last month or so, you’d think Friedkin would be sick of this thing by now. Lucky for us, he’s not.

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