The buyer’s guide to Sorcerer.

BpeN0KmIIAEbbecThe remastered, repaired Sorcerer DVDs are ready. They will bear the sticker above, letting you know you’re not gonna get stuck with that old transfer again. No sticker, no buy.

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10 Responses to The buyer’s guide to Sorcerer.

  1. Cool! So where and when will they be available?

  2. I hope so. I saw the restored version at the Film Forum in NYC a few weeks back. I can’t wait to get a copy for nyself.

  3. Still haven’t found a remastered copy yet.

  4. FINALLY!! SCORE!! Just pre-ordered from Amazon with a release date of Aug 5.

  5. And while I was at it I also pre-ordered the Directors Cut of Friedkins ‘To Live And Die In L.A.’ and a new copy of ‘The French Connection’. What the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say.

  6. YESSSSS!!!! Both DVDs came yesterday. The Sorcerer copy had that orange colored sticker saying “Newly Remastered by the William Friedkin”. Can’t wait for the weekend to come so I can sit back in the recliner and watch it in comfort! After that, I’ll still have “To Live And Die In LA” to watch as the second feature. 🙂

  7. So last weekend was a William Friedkin mini-film festival at my house. My family was out of town and the living room recliner was all mine. I started off with the remastered ‘French Connection’ (loved watching the car chase that was filmed in my old neighborhood, Bensonhurst) and then moved on to the remastered version of ‘To Live And Die In LA’. The alternate ending in the special features section was great.
    Finally, I got to the piece’ de’ resistance! It’s great to finally own a DVD copy of ‘Sorcerer’ that hasn’t been hacked to pieces. It may have taken 37 years, but it was worth the wait as far as I’m concerned.

  8. AC says:

    Quick question: What is the UPC code on the back of the remastered DVDs? Is it the same as the “old” ones? I just got a Sorcerer DVD in from Amazon…same cover art but no sticker. Don’t know if they only did the sticker on the first run of the remastered DVDs and I’m getting a new run, or I got stuck with a “bad” old copy..

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