Where do you park a truckload of nitro in Manhattan?


A lot of folks have been waiting to this one. The restored Sorcerer is coming to Film Forum May 30 through June 5. Daily showings for an entire week. Tickets are available now.

I attended one of FF’s gimmick film weekends years ago, seeing House Of Wax (1953) in 3-D and The Tingler (1959) in Illusion-O. A great place to see a movie.


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I'm a writer. And a dad. And a husband. And a record collector. And a movie geek (if the movies are old). And I really wish I had a hot rod.
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7 Responses to Where do you park a truckload of nitro in Manhattan?

  1. crumblydonut says:

    Off topic, but my live performance CD just arrived. Signed by Edgar. This is the only place to get it: https://www.ssl-id.de/edgarfroese.de/shop/products.php?p=794b8c
    Listening now…really really interesting.

  2. spectaculartimes says:

    YES! I work around the corner from Film Forum. Can’t wait.

  3. Ric from NJ says:

    I’ll be there with a friend. It will be my first time seeing this on a big screen, and my first time seeing it in widescreen!

  4. Ric from NJ says:

    I finally saw it on the big screen. About 20 or 30 minutes in, I was thinking that it wasn’t as good as I remembered it. But then it grabbed me. This movie is STILL amazing. Maybe even more so now that we’re in the age of CGI. As for the remastering, I noticed some shots (especially in the beginning) that looked way too grainy, but for the most part it looked stunning. A great, great film.

    • Toby says:

      Get my chance to see the new 4K transfer on the big screen in about a month. Can’t wait.

      I’ve been revisiting a number of films that had a huge effect on my growing up. Some haven’t held up so well, but others, like Sorcerer, seem to get even better.

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