Cinefamily’s Sorcerer trailer.

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10 Responses to Cinefamily’s Sorcerer trailer.

  1. wentzel55 says:

    I can’t wait for the appearance of the European DVD or Blueray of Sorcerer !!

  2. PatG says:

    At less than 2 minutes it beats the piss out of the 3 minute USA theatrical trailer and the horrid 30 second USA teevee spot. I’m still very partial to the “Gammu-authored” YouTube homemade of this. My baseline of comparison for all theatrical trailers ever remains the 2-minute 1979 ALIEN trailer. No excuses or apologies are required for that item IMHO. Just sayin’.

  3. Scott says:

    Here are 6 scenes of the remastered “Sorcerer” just recently posted on the Warner Brothers Youtube channel. Please credit Scott at if you decide to post it. Thanks.

  4. Chris says:

    Here’s the short version of the following post: DON’T BUY THE DVD VERSIONS. ITS REPACKAGE OF THE OLD FULLSCREEN VERSION.
    I envy those who got their Sorcerer Blurays today. Literally over an hour ago I left work and stopped by my local B&N’s and picked up the DVD version of Sorcerer. Got home, put it in and discovered the “new” Sorcerer DVD’s are the shitty Pan and Scan (fullscreen) versions. Its same version that I bought for $5 over three years ago. Immediately I went to Amazon to see if anyone had the same problem and found this among the reviews:

    “This is William Friedkin. I did not authorize ANY dvd’s. Only the blu ray.
    The DVD is just awful. Avoid.”

    Sure enough it was the man himself as twitter confirmed:
    “To make it clear, I supervised ONLY the BLURAY and DCP of
    SORCERER. I haven’t seen the DVD and have no idea
    Who issued it.
    The Sorcerer dvd’s we’re not made from the original negative.
    They are old, bad copies. Only the blu rays, distributed by WB
    are authorized.
    Do not buy the Sorcerer DVD yet. WB is making sure it’s
    Cut out. They are making a new DVD which will be available
    Shortly, from the master.
    I will personally supervise the new DVD, but wait until you see
    It announced. Again, there is no wide screen version.
    Only original.
    The SORCERER blu ray is perfect. The DVD is flawed
    and Warner’s has recalled them. I will make a new DVD
    And tweet when it’s ready.
    If you bought the DVD, I suggest you return it and get
    Your money back. My deepest apologies. It was done
    Without my knowledge.”

    Hopefully I can get a refund tomorrow (I’m bringing a copy of Friedkin’s tweets with me). Yeah so pretty peeved that a DVD version had been advertised for over a month along with the bluray version (and sharing the same boxart) and only now does it become clear that the DVD is the original version, not remastered and not supervised by Friedkin.

  5. Ned Merrill says:

    What about the extraneous gunshot added to the final image of the film? That’s a pretty sharp diversion from the original 1977 soundtrack…it seems wholly unnecessary to me and I just don’t understand this impulse to want to “literalize” the onscreen action to such a degree. It’s revisionism that really does nothing to improve the film–which WAS GREAT AS IT WAS–and is, in fact, detrimental to it.

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