Sorcerer Blu-ray signing on May 17.


William Friedkin will sign copies of the Sorcerer Blu-ray on May 17 at Dark Delicacies in Burbank at 2PM. Copies can also be ordered through their web site.

Click the banner for details. Thanks to Jakub Krawczyński  for passing this along.

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20 Responses to Sorcerer Blu-ray signing on May 17.

  1. I might add that those copies you can order from there are actually signed by Friedkin as well. So, 28 bucks for a signed copy of Sorcerer bluray is a steal, I would say..?

    • J. Goodman says:

      I think I’ll just buy a dvd the day it comes out and retire my Friedkin inscribed laserdisc to a nice frame and display it on the wall since it will become basically obsolete!

  2. Chris says:

    Sorcerer live in Copenhagen w/ Friedkin introduction

    There’s a CD available to order called Sorcerer 2014 at:
    The first CD is a live performance of the Sorcerer soundtrack by the current Tangerine Dream line-up (using both modern and analogue instruments/synths) and the second CD are pieces from 1977 that were not used in the film.
    I’m personally waiting for it to be available as an mp3 download so I don’t have to spend up to $30 for the CD =)

    • PatG says:

      Thanks for the 411, I’ll play the loyal sucker and get that $30 CD (not a big mp3 fan as yet).

    • Bernhard says:

      Pity that they used “modern” synths. And delays. If you’ve grown to love the original score, every cosmetic change to it will appear as a gimmick.

      Also, I doubt it added to the score that many themes that were originally performed on a monophonic synthesizer were now transferred to electric violin.

      Dear artists: Don’t butcher your beautiful creations of yore.

      Same goes to the “Sorcerer” overhaul that I had a chance to see at the CPH PIX: In the excellent nightmare scene quite at the beginning of Scanlon’s (Roy Scheider) arrival at Porvenir, some reverb was added to the sound track to dramatize it, effectively weakening its impact.

      My video starts a bit earlier than the above by Chris, but I was in the last row:

    • I don’t see track “Rain Forest” anywhere? I thought it was excellent. It was present during a deleted scene with Nilo and Jackie when they go down a very bumpy road at a very high speed.

      • Chris says:

        Its possible that they simply combined tracks under one title. For example “Main Title” isn’t listed so I assume that “Search” contains both “Main Title” and “Search” since “Main Title” was performed at the show. So “Rain Forest” maybe within another track.

  3. Andy K says:

    could have got the CD far cheaper on the night – as I did 🙂

    • PatG says:

      Can you please clarify: is the second disk 1977 recordings of the un-used music or is it new recordings of new performances of the un-used music? I had a look at the website and the text there was not exact on this point, thanks.

  4. Bernhard says:

    Has anyone recorded the masterclass at CPH PIX on Saturday, April 5th, noon?
    I have about 1 hour and 12 minutes audio. I had to leave early unfortunately.

  5. Andy K says: Light in the jungle ‘my’ view on SORCERER 2014

    • PatG says:

      Thanks for clarification on the disc 2 material, I’ll pass. I’ll listen online at some point, too bad the original un-used material was lost.

  6. Chris says:

    For those hoping to download Sorcerer 2014 rather than order the CD, it will be available “around April 15th.”
    For those who want an audio record of the evening there is a great audience recording available on DIME:

  7. Andy K says:

    I’m sure the band will be delighted that their hard work is being offered for nothing 😉

    • Chris says:

      I think they rather be happy that an audience recording of the show is being shared freely rather than someone selling it and making money off it. On the band’s FAQ they say basically that.

    • PatG says:

      Thanks for the link. The bridge crossing screenshot there has me a bit on edge. Most online pics of same (and the original poster) have a murky grey/green/brown/red thing going on. That screengrab looks like a bad “day for night” filter or old-timey hand-tinted aspect.

      • Toby says:

        I’m gonna hold my real comments till I see the Blu-ray for myself. But I seem to remember when I saw it back in 1977 that the second truck’s crossing was darker (and bluer). That was a long time ago, and I was only 13 — plus, I was completely weirded out by what I was watching, so pardon me if I’m way off base.

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