Sorcerer at the Castro.

Roar_castroSorcerer will appear at San Francisco’s Castro Theater on April 17. No times and stuff yet.

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4 Responses to Sorcerer at the Castro.

  1. J. Goodman says:

    I’m there. Looks like it’s showing with Midnight Express so I don’t anticipate a visit from Mr. Friedkin. I do hope they’ll be showing the newly remastered version, though it does seem too soon to be able to tell for sure!

    • Toby says:

      Be sure to write in and let us know how it was.

      Got the press release for the Blu-ray yesterday and it’s got me so stoked for that thing to arrive!

      • Please do post a scan of the press-release, Toby! 🙂 I hope they’ll release a remastered trailer for it, though even something as simple would require a bit of work, I presume.

  2. J. Goodman says:

    Just got back from seeing Sorcerer at The Castro with my wife who had not seen it before. We both were quite taken with the look and quality of the remastering. While it was truly a marvel to behold visually, sadly a problem I have always had with the theatre is it’s poor sound reproduction. I think my home theatre sounds much better than the system at The Castro, as a lot of the dialogue was hard to discern and the music reproduction and separation was lacking in the fidelity I expected with it’s own remastering. Still, my wife was able to follow the proceedings and proclaimed it to be one of the most harrowing experiences she ever had the pleasure to sit through in the cinema. I wish it had been shown at a more state of the art type theatre or even an Imax, but so it goes. Having seen it at age 16 when it first was released on the big screen and only on crappy home video ever since, I felt like it was my first time all over again. Basically, if you get a chance to see it projected, don’t miss the opportunity to take in Sorcerer….it’s no gamble for anyone reading this blog…not like most films you pay big bucks to see these days!

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