Gentlemen, start your engines.

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16 Responses to Gentlemen, start your engines.

  1. David Arrate says:

    Pre-ordered it early this morning. 😉

  2. Northern Star says:

    Looks like that cover really WAS the new cover design… it still sucks! I don’t know why they didn’t have the iconic image of the truck crossing the bridge and the original title logo for this release… is there no extras or audio commentary?

  3. Toby says:

    I’m sure more info, such as extras, will show up over time. When I put this up this morning, the cover wasn’t shown. I’d prefer the one-sheet art, but I’m getting one of my favorite films on Blu-ray after waiting forever — I ain’t complaining!

  4. Mark F says:

    Seeing this (and thinking about it from time to time over the past few months or so), I now unequivocally agree with Mr Northern Star. And yes, the original title logo – the one that leads this great webpage – should be retained no matter what. To hell with san-serif revisionism.

    The point is, this movie was stolen from us (and everyone else) back in 1977. Given a limited release for unreasonably petty reasons and recut for its international audience, it wasn’t shown in revival theatres for the best part of 25 years; accessible copies didn’t appear on VHS; no critic wrote anything reasonable about it; it was rarely shown on TV; even the eventual DVD release wasn’t presented in its original aspect ratio.

    Now they wanna repackage it with something that is quite bland? Why?

    True believers have waited a long time for this moment – too long I say. I’m not a big fan of the bridge crossing scene, but I don’t want to see it excised from the movie’s marketing. To redefine an image that has garnered some significant intellectual worth over nearly four decades against significant odds is nothing short of criminal.

    Mr Friedkin, can you hear us? We are the ones who truly care about Sorcerer – and we have for so many years when others just haven’t given a rat’s arse about this film.

    Please don’t change the poster for Sorcerer when it’s released on blu-ray.

  5. amamansa says:

    i like them both.

  6. PatG says:

    I’ll throw my own .02 in to say the change of image is a horrible mistake. “Floating heads” collage imagery is almost always a way to keep people away from something, as it usually telegraphs a hurried and unimaginative visual approach indicating inferior product. And using it to replace a compelling iconic image is even worse. WTF? What I have read thus far seems to indicate no commentary or extras will be included on this release. I’m glad to finally be able to get a worthwhile copy of the film at all, but as far as the other aspects go, Billy, you and the WB peeps are disappointing your greatest champions. Unless, of course, I have been misinformed and am opining based upon dated or incomplete information.

    • Toby says:

      WF has promised extras throughout this process — so I assume it’s too early in the game to put up a solid list.

      If they need some posters and stills and such, I can provide quite a few. Just let me know, Billy!

  7. Steve says:

    Region A. Typical. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RELEASE IT IN THE UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Roy Scheider’s superb face is morphed within the backdrop of an industrial wasteland about to collapse. I don’t know – maybe they’ve tested it within some focus group or they felt it needed a fresh start. Or a combination of both. Anyway, take a look at this interview with Ken Levine justifying why the videogame BioShock Infinite has ended up having the cover it has. He basically discusses psychology of choosing box covers.

  9. thezest1967 says:

    Billy said that the BLU RAY will get a European release

  10. Veynz Nayr says:

    To me, the truck on that swaying bridge is the image that captures the essence of Sorcerer. Just looking at it gives me goosebumps. So okay I’m a fan and have seen this brilliant film many times and hence I know it’s the most exciting, nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat scene. But even to the guy who hasn’t seen the film, why wouldn’t that image appeal? I’m sure it can be quite a hook compared to the one shown above which is pretty bland in comparison.
    So please, please, Mr.Friedkin, please RETAIN THAT ICONIC IMAGE.

  11. Ron Paquet says:

    There seems to be three versions for release:
    A blu ray digibook release.
    A blu ray release
    and a dvd release.
    No sign of a UK release yet.

  12. Hello everybody , i have a five new poster for Sorcerer , with truck and original title.

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