The new poster for Sorcerer?

1214f1ebc9796e72be176f8a7fdd810aA good friend brought this to my attention. It’s evidently what posters for Sorcerer will look like for the Blu-ray, DVD and screenings. It’s really cool, but it’s hard to beat that iconic truck-on-the-bridge shot (still one of my favorite movie posters ever).

The original page is here:

Google translated it to:
World exclusive image! During the interview that William Friedkin has given us in the presentation of the restored Sorcerer to the French Cinémathèque version, the filmmaker has given us the new non-finalized visual that illustrates the cover of the Blu-Ray to come. Enjoy!

Yesterday evening was held at the French Cinémathèque the first hexagonal projection masterpiece cursed William Friedkin Sorcerer, in the magnificently restored 4K copy. Announced the opening of the festival of restored films “All the World’s Memory ” (which continues until the end of the week), the legendary film finally visible in a print making him justice, made a very strong impression to a room packed and in the presence of the filmmaker, who received a long standing ovation and generous. We met William Friedkin these days, when he arrived in Paris , during a long interview which will be published shortly. Following this meeting, the director has given us a precious document: the new visual displays that will serve for the exploitation of the film on Blu-Ray (already announced for April 14 by Warner Bros) and emerged in theaters. We will unveil the exclusive here. Even if it is a “work in progress” – the non-final displays may still be subject to change by the release of Blu-Ray – it helps to get an idea of how the film will be sold. Treat yourself with this little appetizer while waiting for the launch of our interview with the master. At very fast!


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15 Responses to The new poster for Sorcerer?

  1. Khamal Sarkis says:

    I agree. That original poster is fantastic! This is great too though. Can’t wait for the bluray release!

  2. Mark F says:

    Years and years ago, when only a handful of film writers appreciated this film, I remember reading somewhere that Sorcerer was the name of the oil well (whoever wrote it, I guess, was trying to make sense of the title – the fact it was named after one of the trucks, and the one that blew up at that, went over his/her head … which is understandable and completely forgivable).

    Had this been the case, this new poster makes perfect sense.

    I would argue, though, that the original bridge crossing picture also makes sense – not only because it features the truck called Sorcerer, but because the truck called Sorcerer has a distinctive radiator grille that resembles the teeth of the rock carving (the metaphoric and metaphysical jungle Sorcerer) that appears at the start of the film (over the movie’s opening title and, later, very briefly during the journey).

    Interestingly, this rock carving has similar radiator grille teeth to the little one Father Merrin finds in Iraq at the start of The Exorcist.

    So – and I steal from the late Frank Zappa here – there is some conceptual continuity between the two Friedkin films.

    Personally, I always though the well should have been called Sorcerer … had this been the case – and had it been made clear in the film – the movie wouldn’t have been accused of having a misleading title.

    Nevertheless I like this new image – I think Dominguez is a strong leading character, despite the fact Roy is not Steve McQueen. Until I rewatch the film, however, I suspect it’s possible that the derrick might need a bit of tinkering with; it does look a wee bit generic.

  3. Northern Star says:

    It’s terribly generic, is it not? That one-sheet poster of the truck crossing the rickety bridge – plus the title logo – is just plain ICONIC… and for good reason! It’s like a new release of ‘Jaws’ on Blu Ray without the iconic poster of the shark under the swimmer or the logo now familiar to everyone.

    I’m seriously hoping that is NOT the final design, but if it is, at least we’ll have the film in lovely 4k picture and 5.1 sound… and that’s the important part!

    • amamansa says:

      In 4k downscaled..what i saw was a genuine 4k film in the theatre, but ray blu disc will be a 4k scan reduced to 1080p as any other film which uses ray blu disc as support…i would like to have the real 4k some times in the future..

  4. amamansa says:

    However i think this poster should be perfect for the theatre

  5. Khamal Sarkis says:

    Right now, anything better than the terrible DVD copy is going to be very appreciated. A 4K version, however, would be incredible. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for that one.

  6. thezest1967 says:

    Don’t like the poster

  7. Ric from NJ says:

    I’ve got mixed feelings about the poster. People who haven’t seen the movie may think it’s about an oil well. On the other hand, symbolically speaking, the poster looks a lot like Hell. And that’s certainly what “Sorcerer” is about!

  8. PatG says:

    Umm, well, OK, WB or whoever. Glad I got my original USA poster and two OST vinyls though.

  9. Mark F says:

    @Ric from NJ: I know this might seem a little strange, but given you’re close to the neibourhood, could you please take a photo of the statue that Domiguez et al drive by in Elizabeth before they total the car. Can’t explain it, but I have a hard on for it ….

  10. Ric from NJ says:

    @Mark F: I haven’t been in that neighborhood in a long time, though I’m assuming that the statue is still there. Next time I’m there, I’ll take a photo!

  11. Mark F says:

    @Ric from NJ: Thank you. Much appreciated. BTW, who is it?

  12. Ric from NJ says:

    You know, I don’t even know, but I remember it from when I was a kid. I can tell you it’s on Elizabeth Avenue, though.

  13. Mark F says:

    @Rick from NJ: Thanx for the tip

    It might be the Minuteman (802 Elizabeth Ave, on the corner of High St), although the film gave me the impression it was made of bronze. If it is, the streetscape has changed somewhat since 1976. Below is some cut and paste from Google ….

    This very striking statue stands atop a plaque that reads:
    “Elizabethtown – On this spot, at daybreak June 7, 1780, began the fighting against the British forces moving toward Springfield. Here fell General Stirling at the head of the advancing column, on June 8. After the British retreat from Springfield, General Hand here attacked and drove back the 22nd Regiment to the British main position at the point. Skirmishing on this ground continued until the British retreat to Staten Island, June 23rd.”

  14. Richard Thurbin says:

    Don’t mess with perfection. Stick with the original poster. Can’t wait for the bluray.

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