Poster Gallery: Not exactly sure what this is.

1977 Carga maldita (ing) (hs)This is a cool piece. Anybody know what it is?


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6 Responses to Poster Gallery: Not exactly sure what this is.

  1. PatG says:

    Now, Pagemeister, from whence arrived this odd bauble you proffer? And you ask US what it is? Where did you get it and from whom? What did they claim? If it is not fanboy tribute art (IMHO, much too simple to be such), then my best guess is that is a “teaser” illustration produced by either Universal or Paramount before the visual advert campaign was finalized. Given the easy to print color scheme (WAY CHEEAAP!), I’d guess it was a print promo sent by the studios to prospective exhibitors along with the more elaborately produced upcoming cinema seasons’ preview reels and press packets. Do I win something if I guessed right? A rare Betamax copy, maybe? A harmless coma covered by my insurance until the re-issue plays in a worthy venue near me?

    • Toby says:

      It’s probably from pretty early in the game, since they don’t appear to have had much to work with, just the logo type. It plays up the US and international release rights in the line at the bottom, so I’m guessing it’s something for the trade.

  2. Melville says:

    Looks like it is Half-sheet poster:

    “A horizontal format American movie poster, measuring 22″ x 28″, generally on thicker stock paper. Newer ones were issued rolled, older ones were issued rolled and folded (folded twice-not considered a defect). Usually VERY RARE compared to a one sheet or insert. Studios stopped issuing these in the early 1980’s.” via cinemasterpieces

    • Toby says:

      I though that, too, but talked myself out of it. Seems too rectangular/wide for a half-sheet.

      • Melville says:

        Not too wide at all. Half-sheet is a landscape format and size 28” x 22” matches more or less pixel ratio of of scanned image. You can search for “Exorcist half-sheet” for comparison (guess those were more common and better preserved). Check also file name of image (HS probably stands for half-sheet) – I found the same poster on some Spanish site (probably taken from there).

  3. The image’s name is “carga maldita” which is consistent with its Spanish title.

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