William Friedkin, Sorcerer And The Golden Lion.

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21 Responses to William Friedkin, Sorcerer And The Golden Lion.

  1. amamansa says:

    And I’ll be there to enjoy this screening

  2. amamansa says:

    I will give you my opinion asap!

  3. amamansa says:

    Ok, here’s my opionion after the screening of the film at the Venice film festival ( Friedkin obviously attended to it) : I am literally stunned by this new digital master, this is the best version they could ever made, and the best could possibly ever made in my opinion in terms of image quality and definition ( that’s very high ), definitely is one of the finest work of digital remastering for a seventy’s film i ever seen and i will ever see..the sound is like a bomb that is ready to explode into your ears everytime.. if i were in you guys i couldn’t wait until the next spring..really i couldn’t …this is far better than the print used for the ray blu disc version of the exorcist..( Sorry for my english..)

  4. amamansa says:

    Vote 9/10

  5. amamansa says:

    Standing ovation and endless applause!!

  6. amamansa says:

    And he sat still without letting his wife stands up for thanks the audience..hehe..;))) ( but she was clapping the hands too)

  7. Friedkin receiving Golden Lion barely got a mention in Polish media let alone anything related to Sorcerer! Pathetic!!!

  8. amamansa says:

    The only new talent i have seen since two years as a film director is an italian woman, her name is Alice Rohrwacher, she use a documentary style that sometimes reminds me the Friedkin way to film..That only can be considered as a fresh new way to shot, and very genuine as well!

  9. PatG says:

    Much as I would like to have seen more ink spilled on the screening, bear in mind that any film festival not devoted to a specific era, genre or filmmaker is going to be “new”-oriented. New talents to introduce to audiences, new ways of making films, new ways of considering and portraying subject matter (maybe even new subject matter!). I am not totally surprised by the (lack of) coverage of the film at the Venice Fest. That said, I hope that Sorcerers’ theatrical re-issue and the DVD/Blu-ray will warrant and inspire some insightful coverage. I fully expect some commentators will find new merits to material that could not be easily seen in the context of the time it was first released and there’ll doubtless be some who say, “I was right the first time, still don’t like it even though it looks and sounds better than ever”. At this point I just need to be able to forget about it the film for another 8 months or so. Not so simple. Cheers ~

    • amamansa says:

      Yes, it won’t be easy at all..the version i have seen is stunning, it gave a new birth to the film, you’ll have a more vivid sensation by watching this 4 k version!! ( I expect Warner Bros to make the same with the exorcist!!)

  10. thezest1967 says:

    Mentioned in the major UK newspapers

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