What we’ve all been waiting for.

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I'm a writer. And a dad. And a husband. And a record collector. And a movie geek (if the movies are old). And I really wish I had a hot rod.
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6 Responses to What we’ve all been waiting for.

  1. PatG says:

    Fantabulous news. Hoping AFI Silver in Silver Spring, MD will show it. There are a few “art house” places around here, but not sure any are equipped to do this properly.

  2. Northern Star says:

    We have to wait until NEXT SPRING to get the DVD and/or Blu ray? Aw c’mon Billy…

    • PatG says:

      Not that I have any alternative, but I’ll happily put up with that if it means a really good package with cool extras and insightful commentaries.

      • Northern Star says:

        Totally true, Pat dude, I’d rather they take their time with the DVD/Blu ray and get it right first-time out… it would be much worse if you had a rushed bare-bones vanilla release then an extras-laden ‘special edition’ later on, much better a single awesome released edition than forcing fans to double dip!

        Forgive my somewhat lack of patience, I haven’t seen ‘Sorcerer’ yet and I’ve read so much about it that I’m practically chomping at the bit to watch ‘Hurricane’ Billy’s masterpiece (as many, many people have claimed it is)…

  3. I bet it’s because the PR machinery has to fire on all cylinders first, and theatrical reissue of The Exorcist has something to do with this as well. I wonder when will Sorcerer hit the cinemas, and will they be just selected revival houses or major cinema houses as well?

    • PatG says:

      I think you’d win that bet, Jakub. I know nothing more than anyone else at this point, but I’d believe “selected revival houses” is probably the way they are going. Time will tell.

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