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8 Responses to You’ll be happy to hear this.

  1. PatG says:

    I am very encouraged to hear this. The MCA CD release leaves a bit to be desired in that my ears detect an over-zealous approach to noise reduction on intros and fadeouts, resulting in some compromised audio and the quiet intro to GRIND being almost entirely removed. (I am comparing to the earlier vinyl release I have; there’s a second, archival vinyl copy which I have never played) HOWEVER, we were offered a “remastered” Sorcerer soundtrack via Esoteric Records in November 2011. Being unable to locate posted liner notes, I am uncertain as to from what source this was remastered, by whom or using what tools or basis of comparison. I hope the item to which WF refers gives some details and maybe even includes a few un-used cues.

    • Northern Star says:

      William Friedkin isn’t talking about the ‘Sorcerer’ soundtrack in the sense of a released album containing the score, he’s talking about the actual soundtrack of the film itself… dialogue, music, sound effects, etc!

      This re-release of ‘Sorcerer’ is going to be such a breath of fresh air in an increasingly putrid industry of (with some exceptions) heartless, soulless corporate bilge…

  2. PatG says:

    Doh! Thank you, N’Star, my forehead is hereby slapped. Evidently I have “soundtrack (music) on the brain”. It’ll be interesting to hear how the audio holds up after all these years and in comparison to the ever louder and insistent sound environment of much of the contemporary material to which you refer. Audiences have been conditioned away from subtlety for some time now. Given Sorcerer’s Oscar nomination for Best Sound, perhaps one of the DVD/BR extras will deal with the audio.

    • Northern Star says:

      No forehead slapping necessary, Pat dude, I can see how you would have thought Friedkin was talking about the soundtrack album… but you may not be too far from the truth, with the full restoration that ‘Sorcerer’ has gotten, it’s not too much of a stretch to think they might re-release the soundtrack album to coincide with the re-release of the film itself!

      I have no idea what kind of extras will be on the eventual DVD/Blu ray but a comprehensive and feature-length ‘making of’ documentary that explores every aspect of the film – from it’s development through to the current restoration process – would be the ideal option, plus original trailer/television spots, Friedkin audio commentary, and deleted scenes… that would be one sweet disc if it ended up something like that!

      Many major new films back in the ’70’s often had short behind-the-scenes featurettes released theatrically to publicize their impending release, does anyone know if ‘Sorcerer’ had such a featurette produced back in 1977?

  3. I wonder if Friedkin’s gonna restore and re-release its original theatrical trailer in dazzling HD quality.

  4. thezest1967 says:

    It’s gonna be fantastic – no need for endless whinging 😉

  5. PatG says:

    No idea whether the trailers will be restored, more than anyone else. Truth be told, I was impressed by neither the theatrical or the USA TV trailers. The latter seemed perfunctory and unengaging, and the former presented a lot of “directorial expectation” in terms of talking up Friedkins’ accomplishments to date but little else. I agree a “making of” concerning all aspects would be fantabulous, but really have to wonder how many of the pictorial, design, etc assets would have been retained and easily accessible in service of this given how poorly the pic did for Universal and Paramount on first release. Why retain all those items if the $$ return was so meager? Hoping against hope that I am being too pessimistic on this topic. But, Jake, forget it, it’s Hollywood-town…Uh, and o, yeah: it would be great to have someone OTHER THAN WF or Bud Smith tell their side of the story in those extras. WF seems to get to be “the final word” in the commentaries / extras of his pics. Another perspective might be refreshing and informative in an unanticipated way.

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