Sorcerer location: Bisti Badlands.

Bisti_Badlands_Planet_Earth__by_kimjewWilliam Friedkin (from The Friedkin Connection): “The one sequence left to shoot was the last leg of the journey of the surviving truck, the Lazaro, and I wanted it to be different from the other locations… and John Box found it in a place called the Bisti Badlands in northwestern New Mexico, 35 miles south of the town called Farmington… It was the landscape we chose for the end of the journey, in which Scanlon embraces madness, abandons his truck, and carries the dynamite two miles to the burning oilfield.”

You’ll find a brochure on the Bisti Badlands from the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management, that includes maps in case you want to visit, here.6438288401_8d857b318c_z

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4 Responses to Sorcerer location: Bisti Badlands.

  1. A beautiful vista, there’s a very powerful scene when it appears in the film.

  2. What’s best about it, for the first time I thought this place couldn’t exist for real. It reminded me of some sceneries from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Fando y Lis”.

  3. PatG says:

    My wife and I visited there on our honeymoon back in 1996. Well worth a trek, but you will want to take a map and maybe GPS as well – there are no facilities or US Park Service / BLM personnel on patrol at all. No vehicles permitted – you enter through a sort of “log revolving door” built into a sturdy barbed-wire fence. Hoping to get back one day for an overnight to do some photography, I don’t know of anyplace else like it in the US.

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