The Wrap says Friedkin says Sorcerer’s on its way!

LC 8 croppedTheWrap reported today —

“William Friedkin’s Sorcerer — a film that fell victim to shifting tastes when it opened more than three decades ago — will be remastered and released in theaters and for the first time on Blu-ray, the director told TheWrap.”

The rest of the article can be found here. By all means read it. And a truckload of thanks to Mr. Friedkin for making sure his masterpiece can be seen.

I’m positively giddy as I type this.

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4 Responses to The Wrap says Friedkin says Sorcerer’s on its way!

  1. Northern Star says:

    Positively giddy you say? You’re not the only one, a beautifully restored new digital print of ‘Sorcerer’ on DVD and Blu Ray (I’ll take both sir), plus a POSSIBLE theatrical re-release as well! It doesn’t get better than this… although what do you think the special features might be on the disc, other than a Billy Friedkin commentary and original trailer/television spots; deleted scenes, original behind-the-scenes footage, a new documentery (hopefully presented by Mark Kermode) on the making, legacy, re-evaluation, and re-release of ‘Sorcerer’ perhaps?

  2. tim_p says:

    That’s probably exactly it/as much as you could hope for in terms of extras (a doc hosted by Kermode would be cool – and there’s obviously history there with The Fear of God). Plus booklet and original poster art for case artwork – no floaty heads.

    Thing is… “but without changing the original concept we have to bring it back in terms of color saturation, sharpness and all the stuff,”

    Now what, exactly, does that mean? Bring it back to the best it can be or bring it up to modern ‘standards’? The man has a bit of form here unfortunately. Oh and if you really must have your new 5.1 mix – just include the original in lossless 2.0 – thanks.

    • Toby says:

      The second Blu-ray of The French Connection — the one that was a Best Buy exclusive — is terrific. I’m very familiar with what FC looked like on film — God knows how many times I saw it — and that disc is one of the closest I’ve seen to replicating the look of the actual prints.

      A Sorcerer that looked that good would be a dream come true.

  3. Khamal says:

    Please tell me this won’t be another criterion release that will be zone restricted to the u.s.a. again?! I know a multizone bluray player is the answer but shouldn’t the rest of the world be taken into consideration when releasing masterpieces such as Sorcerer? Maybe I’m ignorant, but i don’t understand why it’s necessary to restrict the releases that way. Doesn’t it narrow the market and ultimately reduce potential sales? An Australian such as myself should be able to buy Sorcerer without also having to buy another bluray player (although for this film, it might be worth it).

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