The other Sorcerer soundtrack.

108687+1Someone who worked on Sorcerer must’ve had a copy of Keith Jarrett’s Hymns/Spheres.

Sorcerer Jarrett creditRecorded in 1976 at the Benedictine Abbey in Ottobeuren, West Germany, Hymns/Spheres is a double LP of solo improvisations on the Karl Joseph Riepp “Trinity” Baroque pipe organ. It’s an incredible record, and pieces of “Spheres (3rd Movement )” turn up throughout Sorcerer, meshing with the Tangerine Dream score almost seamlessly and adding to the effect of several sequences. ECM has recently given Hymns/Spheres the two-CD and deluxe double-LP reissue it deserves.

Sorcerer introduced me to Jarrett and this record, of course, and I’ve come to love every minute of it. Highly recommended.

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2 Responses to The other Sorcerer soundtrack.

  1. I loved the implementation of Jarret’s work in the movie. It was a very fine supplement of Tangerine Dream’s work. It was implemented so well – it actually felt as if it were incidental pieces of music specifically composed for the movie!

  2. Esoth says:

    I tracked down a vinyl copy of this back when the movie was first released and I may still have it somewhere. Digital music is great and all, but we lost the thrill of the hunt. Years later, I used a Spheres segment as a ring-tone! It is a testament to these scores that they were never overwhelmed by the overwhelming visual elements in Sorcerer. They certainly contributed to the many hair-raising moments of the film. Obviously there were scenes of desperate action and drama, but there were also sequences where the score and cinematography combined to produce a vertiginous artistic experience.

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