William Friedkin: “A master of spaces and locales.”

NT2BqFrom Peter Tonguette’s review of Friedkin’s The Hunted for The Film Journal

“Friedkin is a master of spaces and locales. His masterpiece, Sorcerer (1977), takes three diverse locations — Israel, Paris, and New Jersey — and converges them into one: a remote South American village which the characters from the three places — and one other — are driven to in desperation, each fleeing their home and their pasts. In Sorcerer — which details their attempt to earn their way out by transporting volitale nitroglycerine out of the country — character and location are inseparable, just as the literal events of the story are determined by the places they occur in. Friedkin has an uncanny ability to weave the real details of a place into the story: witness the famous above ground car-chase in The French Connection, a brilliant piece of cinematic montage made possible only by the existing infrastructure of New York City.”

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