Almost there?

sorc2William Friedkin posted some promising news on Twitter tonight regarding the Sorcerer lawsuit — and the Blu-ray release we all hope will follow.

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6 Responses to Almost there?

  1. Great news! Shame it won’t be Criterion, but it’s good that there some light at the end of the tunnel! Finally!

  2. Northern Star says:

    This is GREAT news for those of us yet to see this remarkable film, I have (to my knowledge and recollection) never even seen ‘Sorcerer’ shown on either British or Irish television, terrestrial or cable, and can’t wait to watch ‘Hurricane’ Billy’s forgotten masterpiece in a beautifully remastered new digital print on DVD… with a rip-roarin’ Billy Friedkin audio commentary included, no doubt!

    Great website by the way, keep up the good word on ‘Sorcerer’… if ‘Hurricane’ Billy himself (no less) approves of this site, you can’t get better than that…

  3. Andy King says:

    Excellent site, it would have been useful when I was recently asked to write the liner notes for a re-issue of Tangerine Dream’s SORCERER score. In the end the deadline was too soon and the job went to somebody else. I’m glad that they included some of the lobby card artwork and one contemporary review that I sent them for the booket though. Great news from Billy re the movie being found, fingers crossed we’ll get to see this neglected masterpiece on day.

    • Toby says:

      Thanks for the kind words on the site. It’s been a real joy to put together.

      Let me ask you about that re-issue CD. Is it worth the upgrade? And how are the liner notes?

      Oh, I have to give you the usual Sorcerer spiel — if you have any material on the film and can send it in so it can be added to the site, please do so. I want this thing to be worthy of the film it’s dedicated to.

  4. Andy King says:

    Hi. Regarding the CD – sonically nothing has been added or taken away which is a shame as TD said that 90 minutes of music was prepared for the movie. The liner notes ended up being done by UK Rock music writer and critic Malcolm Dome – solid in my opinion (he writes far better than me for instance – but die hard fans of the movie and music will learn nothing new). The CD comes with a 16 page booklet – including all of the lobby/ front of house cards that I’ve bought over the years as well as few other photos and scans (including my paperback of the original Wages of Fear novel from 1952/3). I was working on a rough timescale for the movie and TD’s involvement in it, starting with the moment they were approached by Billy. Since then I’ve come across several additional bits and pieces, including the press book that had lots of SORCERER ads (these were the ones used in newspapers) – they came in various sizes. Being a TD nut I also have several reviews of the original LP,as well as the UK music press adverts (with the changed title of WAGES OF FEAR). Give me a shout if you’d like anything and I’ll send it over to you. There’s some interesting tid bits on TD’s involvement in the film, including Edgar mentioning that Friedkin wanted the cinema audience raised up parallel with a huge screen – IMAX before IMAX? Interesting to also read that TD were offered a 3 movie contract. Interesting to also read that the premiere was to have 3 minute overture of TD’s music before the movie started. Drop me a line at: ZestAndy6304 AT

  5. Andy King says:

    One thing I’d love to know and that’s why Keith Jarrett’s SPHERES part 3 isn’t available on CD? – very odd

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