Sorcerer in Cinemonkey, 1979.

Cinemonkey titleCinemonkey was a short-lived film magazine back in the 70s. The Winter 1979 issue featured an article, “Film Maudit: Sorcerer,” by Gloria Heifertz. It’s a very good, very thorough analysis of the film — and a positive one for a change!

You can download a PDF of it here, with a big thanks to Doug Holm:
Sorcerer in Cinemonkey 1979


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2 Responses to Sorcerer in Cinemonkey, 1979.

  1. Great review, and this is very surprising that such all-man movie like Sorcerer could also be cherished by the opposite sex, further proof that good and ambitious cinema transcends the boundaries. Anyway, as for the review, immense respect for the reviewer to be able to analyze some scenes frame-by-frame in 1979! Unthinkable! I like her interpretation too, she makes good use of very subtle and brief moments to illustrate very important points made on the basis of them, although I have some different interpretations towards certain moments. Also respect for watching the original adaptation as well as reading the novel, and even quoting it in the review to illustrate the point…Why aren’t there more reviewers like her nowadays?

    • Toby says:

      I couldn’t agree more. This is the best writing on Sorcerer that I’ve seen. From what I heard, a friendly projectionist let them look at the print to count frames, etc.

      There were so many great points here, and I’m looking forward to watching the film again with them in mind.

      Thanks for your comment, and again to Doug Holm for sending it in.

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