Roy Scheider: “I was rehearsing to stay alive.”

Before heading to the Dominican Republic, Roy Scheider got a crash course in truck-driving on some Ventura County, California, back roads.

Roy Scheider: “I was rehearsing to stay alive… When we got to the Dominican Republic, I appreciated all that practice back in the States. Billy’s approach to Sorcerer ruled out rear-projection or trick photography. The actors, the vehicles and the terrain were too closely integrated into the composition of each shot. So what you see in the film is exactly what happened.  When I take a mountain road on two wheels, on a road with potholes the size of shell craters, that’s the way it was. No one but Billy Friedkin could have persuaded me to take the insane chances I did. But when it was over and I looked at the rough footage I knew it was worth it.”

Found in Roy Scheider: A Film Biography by Diane C. Kachmar.

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