William Friedkin discusses Sorcerer on Reddit.

Here’s a piece of an interview from June that appeared on evanrichards.com. (Richards compiled Friedkin’s responses from some time spent on Reddit.com.)

What was your hardest movie to shoot?
William Friedkin: Sorcerer: difficult to cast, to budget, and to shoot. Had I not just come off The French Connection and The Exorcist, I would not have been able to make it.

Can you tell us anything about the making of Sorcerer that is not very well known?
Friedkin: The first time we built the suspension bridge in the Dominican Republic, the river ran dry, we moved the location and built the bridge again over a 12-foot high rushing river in the jungles of Mexico. By the time we started to film, the water level decreased to two feet high, so we had to dam the river in order to relocate the water to our location and we had to create a rainstorm in order to mask the fact that the river was so low.

Can you give us any updates on your Sorcerer lawsuit?
Friedkin: I’ve sued Paramount and Universal to determine ownership which they presently claim they don’t know. Their first response to the suit last week, was to ask that it be moved to federal court, which we’ve agreed to. It’s now in the 9th district court of appeals.

Will there ever be a directors cut of Sorcerer?
Friedkin: I’m trying to make prints available in both DVD and Blu-ray, as well as have the film shown, to all these universities and film societies that want to run it first. That’s my only purpose in bringing the suit, it does not involve money. There is no director’s cut.


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1 Response to William Friedkin discusses Sorcerer on Reddit.

  1. Hey Toby, I have German cut of the movie which features 16 minutes of unseen footage. It is sadly dubbed.

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