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Manilla, 1978.

Sorcerer reaches Manilla, 1978. From a terrific photostream on Tumblr.

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Poster Gallery: UK Sorcerer soundtrack advertisement.

This ad ran in the July 16, 1977 issue of New Musical Express. Source: Jacob’s Tangerine Dream Blog.

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Poster Gallery: Polish poster.

Incredible Sorcerer poster from Poland. The title translates to “Price Of Fear,” according to Google Translate.

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Friedkin: Oregon Live interview.

William Friedkin: “In the ’70s I only made, like, three films, and if we talk about them — The French Connection, The Exorcist, Sorcerer and, later, Cruising. That had Al Pacino. It could’ve been De Niro. I liked his work … Continue reading

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