A remake before the remake. A pre-make?

Sorcerer was not the first American take on The Wages Of Fear. Though there’s no formal credit for the novel (or the film), the gritty 1958 B-picture Violent Road (with the working title Hell’s Highway) was clearly inspired by it. It makes great use of Lone Pine locations.

A group of truckers, led by Brian Keith, transport trucks loaded with rocket fuel to a remote launch site, across treacherous mountain roads.

Unfortunately, Violent Road is almost impossible to find on video (and the bootleg copies are unwatchable).

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I'm a writer. And a dad. And a husband. And a record collector. And a movie geek (if the movies are old). And I really wish I had a hot rod.
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1 Response to A remake before the remake. A pre-make?

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkfcW7rjDdg first 9:15 minutes of the movie could be watched here, but beyond that I have no idea, I’ve been always wondering about this version as well…

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