Friedkin: Oregon Live interview.

William Friedkin: “In the ’70s I only made, like, three films, and if we talk about them — The French Connection, The Exorcist, Sorcerer and, later, Cruising. That had Al Pacino. It could’ve been De Niro. I liked his work in the ’70s very much, but I only made those few films and they took up every day of my life! I would love to have worked with De Niro back then, without a doubt. It’s not simply that you like an actor; you have to have a role for that particular actor. And I simply didn’t do that many films. The guy I really wanted to work with other than anyone was Steve McQueen, and I almost did on Sorcerer, but for a variety of reasons we couldn’t get together. The script was written for him.”

This interview can be found here. Image: Steve McQueen with his pickup and a Coors.


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