Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream on the Sorcerer score.

Edgar Froese: “I got a call… that Bill Friedkin wanted us to score his new picture. I immediately said ‘no’ because I thought it will definitely be The Exorcist II Bill needed music for. At that time a movie format I wasn’t too enthusiastic about. Few days later I got the message that it will be a remake of Wages Of Fear, the old Clouzot movie. I called Friedkin and asked for a picture we could work on. ‘There is no picture yet, I want you to do the music before I even start the shooting.’ he said. We found it very bizarre but we did read the script, composed and recorded one hour of music and met him in Paris with our master tapes. In his suite we hooked up a reel tape recorder and a sound system and played the music quite loud with a description where we would have placed it later in the movie. To our surprise, he was totally impressed, took the tape as it was and was playing it all the way through while shooting in various places on the planet. We never had to change anything on that score. It was the most uncomplicated work we did for Hollywood out of over 50 productions we scored within the coming years.”

From the EGMA website.


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One Response to Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream on the Sorcerer score.

  1. Andy King says:

    The photo of Peter Baumann isn’t of him recording Sorcerer I’m afraid 9TD have this mislabelled) it is in fact TD’s soundcheck at St Andrews Hall, in Norwich, England on October 7th 1975.

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